Why 3G consumes more Battery

Why 3G consumes more battery than EDGE?

Many users of smart devices or smarts see their phones have poor performance in terms of battery consumption is concerned. This not only happens in one or another brand or range especially it affects everyone equally.

We were contacted by some users of Android and iOS with the intention of explaining why their phones last up to 4 or 5 hours forcing them to recharge the device up to 3 times a day.


iOS - iPhone


It has been said in many blogs and specialized sites on potential technology failures in operating systems, applications or components errors are always running on the phone as alerts, cell tracking, reminders, do not disturb mode etc. , and therefore consume energy. However this behavior should be explained more arguments and remember that as downloading data becomes more efficient as the need for power increases.

How is this?

2G GSM was originally designed with the clear intention to be very efficient in terms of energy required for voice and data.

On the other hand the technology 3g was designed to be spectrally efficient in delivering faster data downloads but knowing more energy consumption.

- 2G uses 200kHz channel of 5 MHz as opposed to WCDMA (25 times).
The power is in principle proportional to the bandwidth.
- GSM uses a constant envelope modulation scheme with very low power consumption (GMSK). 3G uses CDMA and higher order modulation (64QAM to 16QAM or even), which needs more linearity and therefore the radio attracts much more power. 2.5G (GPRS) and 2.75G (EDGE) uses QAM, which offer more data and are more spectrally efficient (bps / Hz).

Some models of smarts phones come with the ability to turn on or off the use of 3G technology facilitating battery saving and obtaining acceptable performance. 3G option to use when only a high speed is required is optimized battery consumption and normal yields are obtained.

By keeping the phone in this case an iPhone 4 EDGE mode

Is obtained using up to one day in standy and 10-11 hours of continuos use.

In conclusión use 3G only when it's really necessary, for example YouTube or video calls battery performance will be more efficient.

Por que la tecnología 3G consume más energía


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